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October is here! Movies are a good way to bundle up inside and relax. Let the spooky season commence with movies to watch for October. From family friendly to stomach dropping scary. 

Coraline: A 2009 classic directed by Henry Selick about a little girl that crawls through a secret door to an alternate world. Say hello to your other mother, dear. Rent on YouTube, Vudu or Amazon Prime. 

Hocus Pocus 1&2: Salem gets hit with the Sanderson Sisters during Halloween. Hocus Pocus 2 released on Disney+, so start the series. 

Halloweentown: Let nostalgia hit as Marney tries to save Halloweentown and balance a normal life. This movie series captivates the fun and magical works of the holiday. Stream on Disney+. 

Nightmare on Elm Street: A thriller that makes wanting to sleep difficult written and directed by Wes Craven. Stream on HBO Max.

Conjuring: Based on true events of paranormal activity done by Lorraine and Ed Warren, directed by James Wan. The series of movies can be watched on HBO Max.

Scream: With the new adaptation of Scream coming out, do you want to know where it all began? Stream Showtime, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

The Nun: Part of The Conjuring universe. This movie is a prequel to how it all began. Stream on HBO Max.

The Hostel: A thriller about three men who find themselves searching for a popular hostel in Amsterdam but end up having to find their way out of shackles. Stream on Hulu, HBO Max, and Starz. 

Sinister: A true-crime writer seeks out a mystery and supernatural occurrences happen. Stream on Peacock. 

Saw: Want to play a game? This film series takes you through mind puzzling games that you think you can solve. Stream on HBO Max

Scary Movie: Laughing and cringing at scary movies is all part of the fun, so this parody is a fun spooky movie with many pops culture references you may know. Directed by Keenan Wayans. Stream on HBO Max.

Grab popcorn and start the binge watching!

Nadia Castro

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