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Whether you enjoy blasting music, savoring good drinks, or dancing the night away, Monroe might just become your new favorite weekend spot. Located in the Financial District near Embarcadero, Monroe embraces the classic Hollywood Glamour aesthetic. With plush sofas, dim lighting, and an energetic ambiance, Monroe SF keeps your favorite pop classics playing all night long.

The line outside the club typically forms around 10 PM, and it can get quite crowded inside. The best part? Monroe doesn’t charge a cover fee; simply following their Instagram account is enough to gain entry, thanks to the bouncers. This is a 21+ club, making it the perfect destination for a night out with friends. The club offers a lineup of talented DJs who ensure you stay on your feet throughout the night. There are two bars inside the club where you can order drinks all night long. The club closes at 2 AM, and people usually start heading out around 1:45 AM to catch Ubers, taxis, or Waymos.

In terms of the dress code, Monroe opts for a classic casual vibe. Given the young adult crowd, you’ll often spot jeans paired with stylish tops. Comfortable sneakers or boots are the go-to choice for footwear.

Monroe places a strong emphasis on safety and security. With numerous security staff both inside and outside, guests can enjoy their night with peace of mind. Bouncers diligently check IDs and thoroughly inspect bags to ensure everyone adheres to the club’s rules and refrains from bringing outside drinks or food. There are no strict guidelines for bags, but small shoulder bags are most encouraged for safety and security measures, as well as comfortability.

Other complimentary amenities include coat check, located downstairs from the main floor. Coat check is always free and can be retrieved at the end of your night. Additionally, there is both a convenience store and a restaurant in front of the club for any late-night snacks you might want before heading home.

Overall, Monroe SF is the perfect place for a night out with friends, where you can feel safe, comfortable, and dance the night away.

Brianna Pacheco

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