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Molly Sanchez; the first “Empress” of the SFSU Improv Club

Personality. Enthusiasm. Daring.

Molly Sanchez, a 21-year-old, journalism major at SFSU encompasses all of those and then some.  As the new “empress” of the Improv Club on campus, Sanchez runs a busy schedule between heading the club and keeping up with a demanding major.  This spunky, outgoing brunette reminds us all to go boldly after what we want and the importance of a good laugh along the way.

You’re the president of the improv club. What are your responsibilities being president?

Filling out forms, teaching improv to beginners and to more advanced students, promoting our club, [and] being the biggest goofiest cheerleader for the club at all times.

Are you the first female president of improv?

Yes, we had the same president (emperor) for four years. I’m the first new emperor we’ve had!

How has improv changed now that you’re president?

The president has better boobs.

What inspired you to get into improv? And when did you join?

I joined my freshman year because I saw kooky kids in costume in the quad. After my first meeting I was hooked. I fell head over heels with the club and all the crazy passionate and talented people there. It continues to be the highlight of my week.

You’re a journalism major, does that cross over at all with improv? 

Both are all about listening and observing. You need to be able to read what people are saying with their expressions and tell what they aren’t saying with their words. The best thing Improv has taught me is to not be afraid to fail. It taught me to go boldly toward what I want and to not take life too seriously.

Are there many girls in improv? Do you want more to get involved? Or is it a good ratio?

We have usually more girls than dudes. The only thing I find is that girls sometimes lack the confidence to audition for shows or for advancement. I aim to instill confidence in these kinds of girls.

What’s your favorite show/skit you’ve done with improv?

I did one that was kind of a “damn Yankees” scenario where I was in league with the devil. That was a really cool long form dramatic scene that got really intense. I got slapped during that scene, it was awesome because it really demonstrated the kind of trust you have with each other on stage.

What is your favorite thing about improv?

Getting to hang out with such talented people who are 100 percent themselves at all times. As adults sometimes we forget the importance of being silly and with this club I never forget. 

Do you see yourself participating in improv-like groups/activities after college?

Yes! I’d love to join a big troupe like second city or upright citizens brigade.

How do people get involved if they want to join?

Find us on Facebook Improv Nation SFSU, come to our meetings on Mondays in Rosa Parks from 6-9 or come to our show (at) Knuth Hall on October 19th.

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