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Latina Feminists Work Hard to Help American Women Who Live in States that have Criminalized Abortions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Las Libres, also known as the free ones, is a feminist organization located in Guanajuato, Mexico, that fights for the decriminalization of abortions within their country and for the rest of the world. They started out with providing women in their region a safe space to communicate and report abuse, rape, as well as offering a safe abortion to those in need. 

Veronica Cruz, the leader of Las Libres, started the organization nearly two decades ago. She, and others, started Las Libres because they wanted to give women access to safe abortions due to living in a country with hight rates of rape and domestic violence. Because of Las Libres activism, Mexico’s highest court has decriminalized abortions about a year ago. This was a huge turning point for the women of Mexico and Las Libres. However, soon after the activist group began helping an unexpected country, one they never expected The United States.  

            Last June the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, stripping the right to a medically safe abortion. The overturning also takes away accessibility to contraceptives, such as birth control, within some states. So, to be blunt, Roe V. Wade being overturned was the government screaming at the top of their lungs exactly how much they do not care about women. 

The title Pro-life translates to pro generational trauma, pro rape, pro abandonment and simply, anti-women. American women fear for their health since their own government doesn’t care about their wellbeing. However, the Las Libres organization does care. Their team has tried their best to get themselves known on a global level, in hopes to help as many women as they can. Within the last three months Las Libres have received hundreds of calls from women living in places like Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and Arizona begging for help and resources. The group of women work together to accommodate women’s needs from across the U.S while protecting their identity from anti-abortion entities. 

            Most women looking for resources through Las Libres are seeking an abortion, a safe one at that. Veronica and her team package medically safe abortion pills and ship them across the border. The pills are received from pharmaceutical companies based in Mexico and sometimes private donors. When the pills are shipped, they are oftentimes sent in discrete packaging. This is because some U.S states have made abortion pills/birth control illegal to be sent through the mail. This puts the Las Libres team in danger. Nonetheless Las Libres risks their lives for these American women to ensure they have access to a safe abortion. 

            As you read this article you may be questioning how it’s possible a small group of Latina women care more about the rights of 300 million women than an entire government, who ultimately have the power to change the world and return Roe V. Wade back into office. The government wants to make women weak and give us little to nothing. They want us to stay home taking care of a child, so we aren’t “in the room where it happens” fighting against them. 

They want us to devote our lives to someone else, so we can’t focus on our own success and dreams. Las Libres wants women to have control of their lives and bodies. They want us to understand why we need to have the right to an abortion and contraceptives. Las Libres understands what the government lacks to consider. Like the potential trauma unwanted children can face, the trauma of overpopulation within the foster care system, or even the trauma that creates a history of abuse for these unwanted children. Las Libres cares more about women than the government. They are more educated and experienced with the topic of women’s health compared to 70-year white men who don’t even understand the science behind a safe abortion. 

Las Libres is a small organization that has made a huge impact from across the border. They have decriminalized abortion within their own country and fight for women’s rights all over the world. Their accessible resources have saved over hundreds of American lives, while keeping identities confidential and protected. As American women quickly realize their “freedom” is deteriorating, it’s comforting to know that there are people willing to help no matter the danger or disapproval. Las Libres is an inspiring and powerful force of women who have impacted social change. As women we must stay united and do whatever it takes to keep abortions safe, legal, and accessible for all. 

If you or anyone you know needs a safe abortion and lives in a U.S state that has criminalized abortion, Las Libres can be contacted at +52 (473)731- 0522 for further help and resources. 

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