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With a new school year come many excitements, as well as potential stresses given the sheer amount of effort it takes to simply get settled in, whether as a new or returning student. Between class schedules, acquiring all the things you need for each class, and mentally preparing, it is important to give oneself ample time to get everything in order before walking into the first day of class. 

Staying organized is a key factor to being able to keep up with a hectic schedule. Knowing what helps you best stay on top of all of your to-do’s and which system works best for you is the ultimate game changer. This could be anything from having a planner to write in, memos on your phone, or an electronic version of a calendar, or a combination of all of the above, find what works best for you and use it to stay on top of all of your tasks for the day and week. It’s easy to forget little things, especially when there is a lot to juggle at once. Having something to reference and be able to look at and check off, can help immensely.  

This goes hand in hand with checking your syllabus and the required materials. Will you need books that are specific editions or harder to come by? Materials that might need to be ordered ahead of time to arrive to you on time? Luckily, the first week of classes is typically just an introductory period and professors will go over everything you will need to succeed in the class on the first day of instruction, but in any case, if the syllabus is available ahead of time, it’s a great resource so you can go in on your first day feeling good to go. You can typically wait to order books (especially more costly ones) until after your first class, 

If you are a new student on campus and are in the area/moved in, get to know your campus! This is what orientations, tabling, and tours are  here for prior to the start of the semester. Gator Experience is a great way to connect with student orgs and find out when they’ll be tabling, recruiting, etc. Walking around and getting oriented has always helped me feel more at ease and less anxious about finding specific buildings or parts of campus I need to be in my first week. Being on campus outside of classes will also give you a great opportunity to get to know some of your peers! Once the school semester begins, there are many clubs and organizations you can be a part of (Her Campus is one of them!) 

Lastly, before your first week of classes and on your first day, give some time to yourself to get fully ready and comfortable. Whether that means a get ready routine, self-care, a coffee, breakfast, a dance break, a call with loved ones, there are many ways to check in with yourself and those who support you in your academic journey. 

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