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Everything Everywhere All at Once rightfully wins Best Picture at the 2023 Oscars

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Sunday, March 12th was the 2023 Oscars premiere. The Asian dominated cast from Everything Everywhere All at Once sweep awards with three cast member wins, eleven total nominations, and nominations for best picture and director. The film ended up taking home the award for best picture and we saw the beloved Michelle Yeoh, Jaime Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan leave the premiere with their own Oscars. 

Michelle Yeoh’s performance in the film was fantastic. Her role as Evelyn Quan led her to become the first-ever Asian woman to win best actress, making her the fourth woman of color to win in that category. Her win and the film have made history. 

Ke Huy Quan takes home his Oscar for best supporting actor for his role as Waymond Wang in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once. This was his breakout role after taking a break from acting since the early 2000s. During Ke Huy Quan’s heartfelt and inspiring acceptance speech he says, “My journey started on a boat, I spent a year in a refugee camp. And somehow I ended up here on Hollywood’s biggest stage.”, “This is the American dream.” Ke Huy Quan has become a huge favorite as he only spreads kindness and the most genuine energy. 

The film was incredible thanks to the amazing cast and talented directors. The film rightfully took home the award for best picture. The Asian dominated cast and crew completely perfected the film with their authenticity and amazing talent. 

Livia Williams

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