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Current Climate Events and What They Mean

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Severe weather has been all over California, the west coast, and the east coast for a while now. Currently the bay area is dealing with high wind warning, the central valley is being warned of floods, and eastern California is being warned for winter storms. 

            But why is this happening? Well, obviously climate change. That might seem counter intuitive, climate change is supposed to make the world warmer so why are all the severe weather warnings for rain or coldness. Well, warmer temperatures lead to more moisture in the atmosphere, leaving more potential for more severe weather patterns. Climate change also makes it generally harder to predict weather patterns. This is also California’s third year under La Nina, and La Nina hasn’t followed its normal pattern (again, likely due to climate change). It usually pours over the Pacific Northwest, but this year has visited California. La Nina also means that surface winds on the Pacific Ocean have been stronger than normal, leaving the ocean water a couple of degrees colder than usual. 

            Okay, so now what can you do to keep safe? 

Update emergency kit- this includes food and water. 

Have extra batteries and/ or replace the ones you have. 

Have extra flashlights- this is in case of a power outage. Candles would also work but be weary of the open flame. 

Stay away from windows/ make sure windows are secured and sealed 

Have extra blankets/ jackets/ anything to keep you warm in the events of a power outage 

Secure all objects you have outside so that they don’t fly away (or bring them inside if you can)

Have roadmaps handy so you’re not reliant on your phone and possibly shoddy wifi. 

Make sure you have a shovel (for snow) 

Make a kit of copies of your most important documents 

If you have a pet- get a carrier and make sure you add food/ medication in emergency kit

Overall- if you can, avoid going outside and make sure you have a plan of time. None of this is meant to fearmonger, but this is a serious issue and it’s just better to be safe than sorry. 

For more information- High Wind Safety Rules – National Weather Service

Preparing for a Winter Storm|Winter Weather – CDC 

Flood Safety Tips | Mass.gov

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