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Campus Cutie Alert! Juilian Silva!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Name: Juilan Rocha-Silva

Hometown: Mexico City, MX

Major/Emphasis: Broadcast and Electonic Communications with an emphasis in sports, specifically soccer.


What is your favorite spot on campus? I like the terrace, you can ovelook the campus.

What is your favorie team? My favorite team is Manchester United! Yeah!

Desribe your pefect day. My perfect day would be one where everything works out the way it’s supposed to work out.

Where is your favorite spot in San Francisco? My favorite spot would be pier four at the Embarcadero. Sitting under the Bay Bridge.

What do you do for fun? I enjoy going on walks and playing soccer

Favorite color? Red!


Status: Single

Descibe your perfect date. My perfect date would be taking her out on a delicious dinner date and having the most AMAZING conversation!

What would you wear? I like to keep it pretty simple. I would wear a plain t-shirt, jeans, and a nice pair of tennis shoes.


Where do you see yourself five years from now?  I see myelf as a sportscaster for soccer and traveling all over the world!




My name is Cynthia Obregon De Anda, and I am a student at San Francisco State University. I am majoring in Broadcasting and Electronics Communications, and am aspiring to be a news anchor and music video director. I have a passion for getting to know people and listening their stories, which inpires me to tell my stories!