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Campus Celeb: Zach Morrissey

Name: Zach Morrissey

Age: 20

Major: Philosophy and Religion

Hometown: Riverside


So you’re the president of the co-ed business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi), tell us more about what exactly that is and what you do?

Alpha Kappa Psi is an organization focused on easing the transition from college to working life. Its an amazing organization with the most impressive individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting in college. We have an extensive network of professionals working in the bay area and the AKPsi network as a whole extends across the states and internationally. The greatest gift I’ve received from this organization is 3 powerful mentors that have helped me develop both professionally and personally. During this competitive time in nearly all job markets having the foundation and network of AKPsi is very helpful.


What made you join AKPsi and how has it benefited you since?

I joined as freshman which is not very common. I walking around the quad and was handed a flyer by who would later become my Big. I decided to check out a rush event. At the event one of the greatest speakers I’ve ever heard in my life talked about the stresses of college, the workplace, and the need for time management and balance. I believe that you are a combination of who you spend most time with; and the sell of joining a group of highly motivated individuals who strive for excellence and professionalism seemed exactly the kind of group I wanted to be around in College. The greatest experiences I’ve had in College have been directly related to this organization. I have friends I can count on for life, I have contacts in the financial district, and most importantly have learned important lessons in leadership.


What would you say to anyone who thinks s/he wouldn’t fit in with Greek Life, but study or participate in business?

As time moves on partying grows old, realizing that it won’t last for ever really consider getting into a focused greek fraternity or sorority. They give a stronger sense of family then other organizations on campus and that kind of acceptance I think is key during this time of discovery in your life. Business is in everything and one of the key points isn’t who you know but who knows you. Joining a fraternity opens you up to a network across the globe. Putting yourself out there, meeting people from chapters all over only increases your chances of breaking into the industry you want to.


How do you plan to pursue your major as a career? Or what career path do you see yourself taking?

I want to be a teacher. Whether that means High School, English as a second language, or Philosophy I will be content. The branch of philosophy I focus on translates into all three fields well.


Do you work outside of school as well?

Yes I do. I’m the Assistant Administrative Office Coordinator at Metro Academy. If you haven’t heard of Metro I highly encourage you to look into applying. It is a College Success Program for first generation and underrepresented college students. It gives you priority registration and a pathway to the career you want with teachers who care deeply about their students.


You’re also involved in the IEEC! What is the IEEC and how are you involved?

IEEC is the largest organization on campus and is home to one of the greatest cultural exchanges I’ve ever seen. To see your world as only the city you live in can limit your understanding of yourself and others. I’d highly encourage one to take the risk and join this awesome organization that hosts events for international and local students to meet one another all it takes is a facebook group join! In IEEC I am apart of the Public Relations and Media committee, in this committee we develop the best marketing campaigns to market this organization to students of San Francisco State and how to better market individual events to our members. So far it has been a smashing success with some wonderful collaboration and leadership from our chairs turning our committee into a truly functioning body of people.


Where do you plan to study abroad and what to you hope to accomplish when you do?

I plan to study abroad in Germany. It is a learn language program where I hope to continue practicing my German. My overall goal is to be a Philosophy teacher, and German philosophers are my speciality. I hope to master the language and read my prized philosophers in their original text. Hopefully with this year in Germany that will help.


What are some of your hobbies?

I love photography and singing. Also spending a weekend getting lost in the city losing track of time and enjoying the moment for what it is.


What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m half Mexican! Viva México haha.


Thanks so much Zach! Your hardworking and committed attitude make you this week’s Campus Celeb! 

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