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Tiktok inspires people to show their talents, likes and dislikes all within a 60 second video. Booktok has the biggest following and the biggest influence on what books should be read. Authors are gaining exposure through followers who do videos talking about their books. 

Let’s not forget where some of these authors first began, Wattpad. Writers like Anna Todd, author of the series After, started off on Wattpad then published print in 2014. This series turned into a Netflix movie that gained millions of viewings. Readers are not afraid to share their opinions on when a book is plain Jane or keeps you on your toes. 

If you think this side of booktok is sunshine and rainbows you are very mistaken. Readers are not afraid to recommend a book that will break the inside of your soul. Famous author Colleen Hoover is recommended in most tiktok videos because of the gut-wrenching chapters in her books. It Ends With Us remains the #1 seller out of all Hoover’s books and was announced to have the second book coming in October. Fans are excited that the movie adaptation is in production with Justin Baldoni and are not shy with their requests of actors to make sure it’s perfect. 

A reader knows there is nothing worse than the movie not being as good as the book.

Here is the sign to start looking on Booktok and get reading. The community will never let readers down. They will share opinions before you even make it to the bookstore. The community also welcomes new writers to pitch ideas and show where to begin. Everyone wants a good read and fresh stories. 

Here are the top five most recommended books on booktok:

  1. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
  2. The Fine Print by Lauren Asher 
  3. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
  4. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
  5. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas
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