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Back to School Closet Essentials to Shave Time Off Getting Ready

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Getting up in the morning can be hard- especially when you just got back to school and don’t have a routine mastered. If you find yourself rushing to get dressed in the morning but still want to have a cute outfit, here are the items that are a must have in your back-to-school wardrobe. 

White Tee 

A basic for sure, but just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Quite the opposite really. When you’re getting dressed in the morning, you’ll be glad that your closet has a white tee, as it can go with literally everything. You won’t have to think very hard about creating an outfit around it. Get a couple in different fits/styles that you like to add something extra. 



Whether it be a school hoodie, a solid hoodie, or a hoodie that speaks to you personally, any hoodie will make for an easy, time efficient closet staple. Just throw it on with your favorite pair of pants and shoes and you have an entire outfit with minimal time and effort. 


Leather Jacket 

For something that can still go with everything but has a little more personality to it. It doesn’t have to be leather; it can be vinyl or pleather, all will achieve the same effect. Pair it with any plain outfit to give it an extra touch of edginess and character. 


Flared Jeans 

Jeans should be a closet staple for everyone, and they can be in any cut you prefer, flared is just one example that is trendy at the moment. Jeans are (obviously) versatile and relatively easy to slip on for a stylish but time effective look. 


Yoga Pants 

For off the charts level of comfort while also being easy to style with other pieces, yoga pants are the dream pants. You will be comfortable throughout your classes and the flare at the end of the pants can flatter your body and give your outfit a bit of spice. 


Cargo Pants 

If you want a different option to jeans, or just don’t want to wear jeans every day, cargo pants are a great option. You can play with the color, but for a pair that will go with most things in your closet, go with the classic khaki or black. Cargo pants make for a more interesting looking garment, while still being flexible enough to easily pair with other items in your closet. 


White Sneakers 

For comfort and versatility, and practicality mixed in, white sneakers are the perfect pair of shoes. Really easy to slip on and, as you guessed, really easy to pair with basically any outfit. 


Black Clogs 

These shoes will pair nicely with any outfit, while also elevating said outfit. Clogs give off a sense of class and style and can help take your outfit to the next level while being criminally easy to put on in the morning. 


The key to building a back to school and time efficient wardrobe is to have pieces that can go with anything and don’t require a whole lot of thinking to put together. However, with these pieces, there is still enough room to express yourself and give it your own flair and still easy to pair with one another.

Tori Ramirez

San Francisco '25

Hi, I'm Tori. My pronouns are she/they. I love to read and write and use both of those hobbies to escape for a little while. My favorite book series are "The Folk of the Air" and "Caraval". I also love to listen to music, basically 24/7. A few of my favorites are Lana del Rey, She Wants Revenge, and Kinneret. I always keep up to date on the fashion trends and what's going on on the internet. I prefer cats over dogs and I think that chocolate is kind of overrated.