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As many of you may or may not know, Associated Students (AS) is the student government here at San Francisco State University. With funds from of a bit of everyone’s tuition, they help put on events such as the Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 10am-3pm, and most recently, Kick Off, which was the event with free food and giant inflatable bouncy houses in the Quad. They’re more than just fun and games, too. They offer a variety of on-campus jobs and a boatload of programs and resources, ranging from subjects regarding culture, social justice, marketing, etc.

This semester their list of events includes days filled with Cat Therapy (October 4) in partnership with SFSU Health Promotion & Wellness, where you can, you guessed it… pet cats! Their Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality (EROS) hosts a few meetings too, one of which is called “Playing by the Ropes: Kink & Bondage 101” (October 26). AS also hosts events in the Depot just about every week that are typically open and free to the general public, so you can invite friends and family that don’t necessarily have to be attending SFSU to be apart of the community. The Depot events (Jazz Nights, Comedy Nights) tend to occur in the evening.

You can find a full calendar of events here.

Whether you’re new to SFSU or you’ve just never really looked into it, I definitely recommend looking into AS to see how you can benefit from it. Because a portion of every student’s tuition helps fund them, every student is automatically a member and can receive numerous benefits and services free of cost. You can find more information on their website, or in person at the Information Center at the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Associated Students also offers a newsletter filled with events for the week, articles to help keep up with the school year, and “Gator Getaways” (descriptions about different locations and activities to do around the city). Check them out!

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