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Alex Neylon 2013

Name: Alex Neylon
Year: Junior
Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Fairfax, California
Age: 21


Relationship Status: Single

Nickname: "Ni-ni"

Political Views: Liberal

What is your favorite quote?: "Every day is a blessing."

Something weird about you: The name of my house is “The Cheese”.

What is something you are you proud of: Getting the SFSU Men's Water Polo Team started.

Are you in a fraternity at SFSU?: Yes, I am actually the president of my fraternity Pi Kappa Phi.

What is your favorite thing about living in San Francisco?: Walking around and exploring downtown.

So you have a favorite place to eat in the city?: Hall of Flame, i'ts a burger place in Park Merced which is a neighborhood that's right by SFSU.

Do you have any tattoos?: No, but I want to get the quote "every day is a blessing".  It's something that my mom always told me so it really means a lot to me.

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