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Abbott Elementary Continues to Sweep the 2023 Award Shows 

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Quinta Brunson’s hilarious and heartwarming comedy ‘Abbott Elementary’ won the outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series last Sunday at the SAG awards. This is the cast and production’s 18th award within the past year. The comedy series nearly swept the golden globes as they were one of the top two nominated series. 

Last Sunday at the SAG awards Quinta accepted the award alongside her fellow cast members. She conducted a speech that not only thanked her cast members but acknowledged their inspiring talent. 

“When I get to be a part of this ensemble, these people bring me back down to earth. They make me a better actor. They allow me to become an actress that I’m proud of,” Quinta shared. “I want to be an actor, and I want to be a good one. And to be part of this ensemble makes me a better actor every single day. So thank you for recognizing the work of these amazing people.”

Many of us remember Quinta Brunson from early 2010 Buzzfeed. To see her and her new production receive so much attention and applause is truly inspiring. The cast and crew of ‘Abbott Elementary’ have created a beautiful show that is incredibly deserving of each award received. 

Fans look forward to the show’s continuation of success and can’t wait to see what happens next with Janine and Gregory after episode 16 of season 2! You can watch new episodes of  Abbott Elementary on ABC or Hulu with a subscription. 

Livia Williams

San Francisco '26

Hello! My name is Livia Williams I am currently a second year at SFSU majoring in journalism. I am a huge advocate for social justice issues and find pride in addressing the inequality that sadly still exists within our societies. I like to tell stories from women all over the world and captivate readers into understanding the obstacles they face on a day to day basis. I hope to provide women with a sense of peace when they read my work and gift them with the realization that they are not alone, and we are all in this together.