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5 Excuses To Not Go Home Over Spring Break

With Spring Break coming up, the first break since the long one month winter break us CSU’s got to enjoy, it’s understandable that someone would want to stay on campus for that one week we have off. Whether it’s to explore the city, hang out with friends, or just for the sake of not going home and being able to be independent without the stress of school, you’ll need excuses to tell your parents to let you stay. Of course they’ll want you back home for that one week off but sometimes it isn’t in your personal best interest to do so. So in order to try to live that Spring Break life back at your college, here are a few excuses you can tell your parents.


1. You have work.

You’re trying to get paid to alleviate the student loans that you’re dying under. Explain that it’s difficult to switch the hours and that you don’t mind making a little extra cash on the side. It’s only for a week anyways and in two months you’ll be back for the summer.

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2. You don’t have spring break.

This one might be more difficult to do but you could probably convince them you don’t have spring break and it was something left in high school. Or if anything say they altered it to a three-day weekend and that it’s just easier to stay at the college than make your way all the way back home.

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3. Tell them you couldn’t find plane tickets back.

You probably could have found tickets if you looked hard enough but they would be extremely expensive so on the plus-side you’re saving money. Also you won’t have to deal with the crying babies so there’s that.

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4. Say there’s extra credit opportunities you need to do.

Because there’s nothing that screams ‘good student’ then doing the extra credit opportunities to bump up your grade.

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5. Be honest and tell them you want to explore.

If your guilty conscious is getting the best of you just let your parents know that you want to stay back to explore. State how you need to learn to become independent and that you want to explore the city and that you’re going to utilize the break to do so. If anything they should appreciate your honesty even though they may not let you stay because of it.

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Just make sure that you talk to your guardians while you’re out having a blast, whether it be by phone call or FaceTime. It’s important that although we’re out here trying to have a good time and party it up that we still can call our roots.

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