3 Important Tools When It Comes To Shopping Online

We are in need for some retail therapy but we don't want to get out of bed or we are stuck at the library studying. What can a girl do? Online shopping!

Shopping online is a great way to get everything you need without having to get dolled up.


Personally, I’ve always been terrified of buying things online. It seemed like a hassle to put my credit card number, guess if the clothes will fit (or be the right color for that matter) and play the waiting game until my things arrived. That changed when I began work at an online clothing company. I’ve realized that there are several tools that can help us from guessing if the clothes will fit.


The Perfect Size

It is very important that you know your measurements and I don’t mean 4 for pants and M for shirts. Many companies have different sizing. If you are a 4 in one store you might be 6 in another or 2. Therefore it is important to measure yourself with a measuring tape because inches are fixed which mean they will never change (unless you are buying internationally).

Once you know your measurements then all you need to do it match them to the measurements of the pants that can be found on the description box of the item.


Is it the right color?

This one is tricky but we can think of the color this way. The garments are being photoed  with a lot of lights and the flash is intense therefore the color isn’t as bright as the shown on the photo. Also don’t be afraid to call and ask for a specific color because some garments may seem black and in actuality it may be a really dark navy.



My mail man and I are always tugging at each others hairs because we are never able to coordinate with the shipping. He would go to my house at the worst times and leave me the annoying note “Sorry we missed you”. When receiving a package TRACK IT! That way you know when it will arrive and you can prevent conflict with your mailman.