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2012’s Mr. Alpha Phi goes to…


Justin Shie, 19
Home: Saratoga, CA
Major: Political Science
Favorite Quote: Shut Up and Train

On an unusual bright and sunny day as the birds are chirping and students are laying on the  green grass under the sun near SFSU’s Cesar Chavez Quad, a sophomore by the name Justin Shie is stripping his way on stage as he rips off his shirt and dances to Ginuwine’s “Pony”.
The reason behind this daring act in front of dozens of students and faculty: to be named Mr. Alpha Phi.
Justin Shie was named Mr. Alpha Phi after performing his “on the spot” talent and raising money for Alpha Phi’s philanthropy.  The main purpose of the Mr. Alpha Phi foundation is to “donate money to women’s cardiac care research” because heart disease is the number one killer for women, according to Sammy Parker and Lauren Miranda, Directors of the Philanthropy.  According to the fraternity, Alpha Phi raised $1,157.82 during a 3-day challenge, which included competitions in fitness, purchasing as many teddy bears as possible to donate to the hospital, and a swimsuit and talent show contest.

Photo by Anisa Berry

“It feels good [to win] considering our fraternity    [Alpha Sigma Phi] was founded last semester. That’s why we went all out,” said Shie with excitement.

Alpha Sigma Phi’s main goal as a whole “is to make [their] presence known on campus.”
“Our main prize was bragging rights. The prize given to us was a pancake breakfast, cooked by beautiful women from Alpha Phi,” he said with a smile.
Shie was nominated by Moustafa Said of Alpha Sigma Phi because they heard there was an obstacle course he could possibly win, since he works out a lot.
The talented “dancer” is from Saratoga, California and is studying political science at SFSU because he would like to get involved in politics. “It’s just something I get,” he said.
Luckily for the young ladies out there, Shei is single. Unlike most single college guys, he doesn’t have an ideal companion in mind, but doesn’t discriminate either.
If Shei were to take a girl out on a date, he’d want to do something active.
“Maybe working out…a bike ride sounds good,” he said.
Currently, Shei is trying to gain some weight to try and compete for bodybuilding. Last year, he used to train for fights and compete, but stopped because of his job at Hollister.
“I admire huge body builders like Dexter Jackson,” he said.
Shei likes to spend his time lounging around at his place and going to the SFC Boxing Gym in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.
Next Christmas, he will be using his body for something the ladies may like and will probably get more customers at his current job at Hollister in Serramonte.
“I’m going to be a shirtless guy who stands outside the store,” he said.
Shei’s passion for bodybuilding and training sure is paying off with those abs, muscles, and movements on stage. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him on ESPN someday during those body building competitions. But for now, he’s our campus celebrity!


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