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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Diego chapter.

See a movie at a drive-in with your summer fling!

Whether it’s a drive-in, a movie on the beach or a movie in a park (I’ve even heard of movies in cemeteries), movies outdoors are so much better (and typically cheaper) than a movie theatre. Catch a quick flick with your summer love at a drive-in to enjoy a nice summer night outside.


Go for a hike!

This is pretty universal whether you are in San Diego this summer or anywhere across the country that you call home. Get your blood flowing and enjoy all that nature has to offer. There might even be a scenic view waiting for you at the end!

Go surfing with your crew!

Sorry to all those who are landlocked this summer, this ones for the coastal kids! This is an everyday necessity for myself during the summer. Grab a surf board, boogie board or a friend to hold on to and splash around in the warm ocean, or get your tan on as you watch from the sand. You can’t go wrong with a day at the beach.

Be a kid again!

Get a group together for a day from your childhood! Grab a box of chalk, get a game of kickball going, pull out the slip n slide that has been sitting in your garage forever, slip on your old roller skates, have a water balloon war! Enjoy the carefree attitude of being a kid all over again this summer.

Go on a bike ride!

Whether you end up at your favorite brunch spot or the beach, going on a bike ride is a great way to fit in a little exercise while enjoying the summer sun. Let the wind whip through your hair and smell the salt of the beach as you pedal to your destination.


Get some cocoa and marshmallows, bring a friend who knows how to play the guitar, and get a fire blazing. Going to sleep with the smell of bonfire still on your clothes is one of the best summer memories.

Farmer’s Markets!

Hit up a farmer’s market for a day full of shopping and eating! This is a great way to support local vendors who make some great products and produce. Enjoy the summer harvest and funky junk that your town has to offer at your local marché en plein air.



Go to an outdoor concert!

Bring wine and cheese and crackers, set out a blanket, and layback to enjoy some tunes in the fresh summer air. This is a great way to spend time with the fam in a nice outdoor setting.

Watch the sunset!

The best part of summer is getting to do all the fun stuff that you put off during the school year. So grab a group of friends, go enjoy the beautiful sunset, and relax without a worry.