Why Fall is the Best Season (And One of the Only)

Living in San Diego, most would consider seasons to be fake, imaginary, dramatic interpretations we come up with to excuse or describe a day that is below 75 degrees. The weather is fairly consistent year round with miniscule fluctuation only consisting of around 5 degrees. Assuming fall is actually a season (and not just in our heads), it could arguably be one of the most exciting seasons that occurs throughout the year.

First of all, who doesn’t love pumpkin flavored everything? Trader Joe’s is stocked with everything from pumpkin coffee, toilet paper, and cupcakes. Starbucks has their famous Frappuccino’s and pastries that we all look forward to on the way home from class (especially when there’s a drive through). Up until January, this flavor becomes a way of life in all things edible and not edible.

The weather. The weather is always impeccable, but beating the heat and escaping the humidity to endure light beach, crisp breezes never gets old. Turning the fans off goes from a dream to a reality. Finally, laying out at the beach and getting a tan without sweating off makeup also becomes a common scenario, allowing everyone to enjoy the outdoors even more than they previously were.

Cuddle season is now in full swing. With the humidity at a minimum and hearts longing for companionship due to the holiday season in the horizon, the “Netflix and Chill” phenomena becomes more and more popular. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle and watch movies after a long day of class listening to the rainfall and drinking that pumpkin spice latte you had been longing for for nearly six months.

The holidays are quickly approaching and who doesn’t like celebrating with family and friends during the winter months? Traditions run rampant and the feeling of solidarity among old friends and family is unforgettable. Sharing stories and catching up with your favorite people is always a plus and something to look forward to when everyone gets together. The questions of “Who are you dating?” and “How are your grades?” eventually have you longing for school once again.

Remember those 5 long sleeve shirts you bought in August when you told yourself that it would eventually get “cold”? Yeah, well finally those "winter clothes" are open for service. Wearing beanies, long sleeves, and cute sweaters is something San Diegans are not accustomed to, however, when artificial fall makes a full appearance (usually in November), it is now socially acceptable to break out those signature items you’ll probably only wear once. But before getting too excited, always remember Uggs are never actually acceptable until it is near 40-50 degrees, which unfortunately means that will probably not be a reality…

The best part of all may just be the fact that we don’t get winter at all… Summer, fake fall, repeat….