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This Week’s Campus Celeb: Kelsea Tower!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Diego chapter.

This week’s choice for campus celebrity wasn’t a hard one! Kelsea Tower is a senior who is very involved on campus, and she has some advice for those of you who are new to USD!

Name: Kelsea Tower

Age: 21

Major: Finance, minor in Psychology

Hometown: Duxbury, Massachusetts

What are you involved in on campus? Alpha Phi and Associated Students (Just found out I won the election for Business senator… by default – no one ran against me).

Congrats on your election! Why did you decide to get involved in AS? Katie Coutermarsh, the current AS President, told me I should run sophomore year and I really enjoyed it, so I’ve done it every year since. It’s a great way to know what’s going on around campus and kick start initiatives you believe in.

How do you feel about being a senior? Scared…it’s bittersweet. I don’t want to leave USD yet but I’m excited to start working and stop taking finals.

What’s your favorite part about going to USD? My friends. I would’ve said the small class sizes and how beautiful the campus is freshman year but at this point it’s the people.

What makes you unique? Definitely my laugh and the fact that I’m reaaallllly loud…you could probably hear me from a mile away.

Most people would say your one of the happiest and outgoing people they know. What inspires you to be this way? Probably being surrounded by positive people and being able to laugh at myself. I’ve always been really talkative and love meeting new people. I also think I’m really funny… even though I’m not…

What is something most people don’t know about you? I would eat acai every day for the rest of my life if I could. Actually a lot of people do know that. Most people probably don’t know I love babies. I follow at least 3 different Instagram accounts that only post pictures of really cute babies.

What do you do when a baby just stares at you in public? I like making silly faces at them…peekaboo is a classic…and they usually smile back. My friends get secondhand embarrassment though.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Bubbly: I’m usually pretty peppy. Observant: I notice a lot of things around me that other people might not pick up. And self-motivated: I have been independent from a young age.

What is your most embarrassing moment? I’m hesitant to say this but I peed my pants at lunch in kindergarten. I was at the front of the lunch line, just about to give the lunch lady my money, and couldn’t hold it any longer. I even had to go to the nurse’s office to change. I didn’t think it would be that bad because another kid peed his pants in my class the day before and got cool pants. But unfortunately for me, I had to change into these awful purple velour leggings. My outfit didn’t match and everyone knew.

Since you’re so involved at USD, what advice do you have for the new freshmen and transfer students? Take advantage of all the opportunities that USD offers. There are so many different clubs, organizations, and different types of Greek life. Join a club with initiatives you stand for or try something completely new…you won’t regret it.

Netflix, Pizza, & Alpha Phi. Insta: @ashzmys