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TBT – Fashion at Coachella (Bonus Playlist Included)

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Why, you ask? Coachella… duh. It’s not even the music that has me happy dance everywhere I go, but rather the fashion that leaves me absolutely awestruck. Every year when this magical musical festival rolls around, you can be sure to find me glued to my phone, mesmerized by my favorite fashion icons (since I am obviously enjoying Couchella, not Coachella). These images haunt me in a “If I don’t get my hands on that Stone Cold Fox belt, I will literally have a heart-attack” sort of way. The browser on my computer is filled with 10 shopping carts at any given time (all of which I will never actually purchase), just to mentally prepare myself for the possibility that I will one day be able to afford it all (well, hopefully).

This vicious cycle always leaves me with mascara running down my face, wishing I were Gigi Hadid or one of the Kardashians and got free stuff basically thrown at me.

All of this reminiscing leaves me feeling nostalgic for trends of the years’ past…

Vanessa Hudgens: She is undoubtedly the Queen of Coachella fashion and can do NO wrong. She kills it every year and never disappoints. If she isn’t one of your girl crushes… I am judging you.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: As a model, she is bound to pull off a garbage bag, which this outfit is anything but. Her revealing blouse is everything, and paired with that runway walk, I cannot take my eyes off of her.

Kate Bosworth: Can someone please crop my face on this pic? How does one pull off a top-knot at Coachella without looking like she just rolled out of bed?

The Hilton Sisters: Wearing a typical ‘chella flower headband while rocking a hippie-esque dress will always be an A in my book.

Selena Gomez: The lace, the hat, the bindi… it’s all simply amazing. I can’t wait to see what she pulls off this year.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner: This sister-duo grooved their way through the crowds in what many deem to be unconventional outfits. I, however, praise them (or rather their stylists) for wearing all black. Bravo.

Brb, I’ve got some online shopping to do while I listen to this awesome throwback Coachella playlist (created by the talented AnnaLee Barclay).

Orange County raised, San Diego living. What you should know about me: iced coffee, fro yo, fashion, Scandal, Semester at Sea. Director of Formal Recruitment for Alpha Phi at USD. Watch me daydream on Instagram @tayaugustin
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