Snapshot: La Jolla Secret Swings

I (sort-of) found a hidden So Cal gem.

This week, I set out to find the hyped up Secret Swings. I was intrigued ever since I first heard a USD student mention that she visited them. These tree swings are a part of a community effort and provide hikers with a relaxing spot to enjoy the views of the ocean. But, let me be the first to say, there is a reason why these swings are called the Secret Swings.

On a Saturday morning a few of my friends and I set out on an adventure to find this local legend. PS: Do not go to brunch before you go to find the swings; it is a hike that is not fun if you are in sandals and a skirt. 

We drove up and parked at the Birch Aquarium near Scripps Pier in La Jolla. Following the sidewalk on the right and up the hill, you will find a dirt path to the swings. Or so we thought. Right away, we found one of the swings. It was beautifully painted, but it’s view was more of the street below it than the ocean views the pictures on Google had promised. Nonetheless, it was still a nice spot to rest until we continued.

Soon after we started up the path again, we found another part of the Secret Swings: the tree house. I got really excited when I saw the tree house and, despite my attire from brunch, I hastily climbed up to the top. The views offered an amazing panorama of the coast. Climbing up a tree in a skirt was totally worth it.

What followed after was about an hour of walking around in dirt and crunchy leaves trying to find the infamous picture that I see all my friends posting on Instagram. Despite talking to some other hikers, countless Google searches, and simply wandering around, we could not find them.

Despite this, if you love to hike and are looking for a challenge, I encourage you to come to La Jolla and try to find the Secret Swings yourself. Even though we didn’t find what we had come for, my friends and I still had a great time exploring and now we have an excuse to come back to look again. 

If you’re up for an adventure, the Secret Swings provide the best study spot, Instagram picture, or view that you could ever ask for, you just have to find them.