Meet this Week's Kind and Adventurous Spotlight: Emily Borgenson!

This week`s HerCampus Celebrity is Emily Borgenson from Escondido! She is a one of a kind girl with a lot of spunk. She can make anyone smile and is always down for an adventure! If you haven`t met Emily, you are missing out!

Major: Undecided, but leaning toward Business with a minor in music. 

Year: Class of 2019!

Interesting Facts: She sings and acts, and actually has worked at Lego Land as a paid performer!!!

Hometown: Vista (San Diego) California!




HC: Why did you pick USD to spend the next four years at?

EB: I picked USD because I loved the community feel, the size, and of course, the campus is beautiful!



HC: What is your favorite thing about USD?

EB: My favorite thing about USD is the people! Everyone is always so nice and friendly!




HC: What are you looking forward to this semester?

EB: This semester I'm taking a lot of classes that I actually enjoy (like music classes for my minor) which are teaching me so much about my passions! It's awesome. I chose music as my minor because I`ve always loved theatre, performing, and just singing in general. And I think to minor in music will always inspire me to follow my passions!


HC: What is your favorite thing about San Diego?

EB: My favorite thing about SD is the beach, great Mexican food and all the things available to do! Oh, and the weather! My favorite beach is probably La Jolla! I can`t pick a favorite Mexican food place because there are just too many good places to try! I always order a quesadilla or California burrito though!




HC: What is your favorite restaurant in San Diego?

EB:  My favorite place to eat is probably PB Sushi! It is super yummy and always pretty cheap! I order the ceviche roll when I go! It is a must-try item on the menu!! In the past I would always go with friends, but my boyfriend showed me PB Sushi so I go with him a lot now!!



HC: What do you typically do in your freetime?

EB: In my free time I like to hang with my friends at the pool or beach, and explore San Diego! My favorite place to be in San Diego is definitely Sunset Cliffs! Whether I go by myself or with friends, I always have a good time. I absolutely LOVE watching the sunsets and some of the prettiest sunsets have been at sunset cliffs!



HC: IF you could give anyone your top piece of advice, what would it be?

EB: My top piece of advice (coming from someone who is a total people pleaser) is that sometimes you need to think about what is best for YOU, not what will make others happy.


HC: What is your everyday go-to outfit?

EB: My go to outfit is definitely jeans and a tank with flip flops.


HC: What song best describes you?

EB: Walking on a Dream- Empire of the Sun



HC: What is your go-to midnight snack?

EB: Favorite Midnight snack: Chick-fil-A


HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

EB: In 10 years I see myself happily married (maybe kids?) with an amazing job I'm passionate about and a cool house somewhere I love living.




Thanks Emily!! We hope you have an amazing semester!