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Meet This Week’s Goofy Babe, Shelby Dern!

Imagine someone who loves to serve her community, is heavily involved on campus and enjoys a good ole’ fashioned baseball game. Sounds like the perfect girl, right? She is! For this reason, she has already been swept up by one lucky guy. Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Shelby Dern! 

Our team at Her Campus San Diego asked her about life at USD, and what it’s like to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country:

Her Campus (HC): Where are you originally from?

Shelby Dern (SD): “Northern California.”

HC: What is your dream job?

SD: “I would love to be a second grade teacher!”

HC: What organizations are you active in on campus?

SD: “I am in Gamma Phi Beta and am on Panhellenic.”

HC: What passions do you have in life?

SD: “I really enjoy running and working out. I also like to do service, so I spent my summer in the Dominican Republic teaching kindergarten.”

HC: Tell us some facts not too many people know about you!

SD: “I used to wear Sesame Street boxers to school that said ‘Talk Nerdy to Me’ and I can walk on my hands!”

HC: What’s your favorite thing about USD?

SD: “I love being really close with our class because it’s small. I also love that some of us are able to live at the beach and that all of my friends are back from abroad.”

HC: What’s your favorite hidden gem in San Diego?

SD: “When I nanny, we always go down to La Jolla Shores and watch the birds and the seals, it’s beautiful!”

HC: Do you have a favorite TV show?

SD: “Game of Thrones.”

HC: Go-to song on your iPod?

SD: Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding.”

HC: What is your proudest moment?

SD: “When I got an A in Calculus!”

HC: What’s your ideal date?

SD: “We would go to a Giants game in San Fran (obvi) and drink lots of beer and get on TV where I would catch a foul ball. Oh, and he buys me cotton candy.”

HC: What do you look for in a guy?

SD: “He has to be really funny, sweet, taller than me, and at least pretend to laugh at my jokes.”

HC: Celebrity crush?

SD: “Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Adam Brody.”

HC: Do you have a favorite quote?

SD: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird…just kidding…kind of.”

HC: What would you do it you were given a million dollars?

SD: “I would probably travel the world because I didn’t go abroad. I would want to go to every continent but stay in each place for longer than a few days so I could really experience the culture.”

Orange County raised, San Diego living. What you should know about me: iced coffee, fro yo, fashion, Scandal, Semester at Sea. Director of Formal Recruitment for Alpha Phi at USD. Watch me daydream on Instagram @tayaugustin
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