Meet This Week`s Dazzling Campus Cutie: Ali Chingros

Meet this week`s stunning Campus Cutie, Ali Chingros! She is a senior here at USD and is making the most out of her last year on campus! She is an irreplaceable, genuine girl that everyone should be dying to get to know.

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Her Campus (HC): What is your relationship status, and how did you meet?

Ali Chingros (AC): In a Relationship; we met through a mutual friend. I actually met him on his 21st birthday, so it was a memorable first impression to say the least.

HC: What is your ideal date?

AC: Hmm…dinner would be fish tacos with a view, then a sunset hot air balloon ride, followed by froyo at Yogurt on the Rocks, then we would build a fort and watch Halloween Town in it. 

HC: Are you involved in Greek Life at USD?

AC: I am a member of Alpha Phi here at USD. I hold a position on our executive board as the Vice President of Marketing.  

HC: Why did you join a sorority?

AC:  To find a group of girl-friends that shared similar interests, while meeting people different than myself that would help me grow as an individual. And I’ve definitely found that!

HC: Do you have any tips for anyone looking to join a sorority?

AC: Be open minded and go with your gut feeling. 

HC: What is your favorite place to go and thing to do in San Diego?

AC: My favorite place would have to be Downtown La Jolla and as for something to do, that would be rollerblading at sunset with my roomies. 

HC: Where is your favorite place to eat in San Diego?

AC: Cody’s, duh! Their French toast can solve 90% of my problems.  

HC: Can you think of a dream vacation?

AC: South Africa! Going on a safari would be the most amazing experience! I think elephants are fascinating so it’s at the top of my bucket list.

HC: Any Favorite Netflix/ TV series or movies?

AC: Favorite movie is Just Friends. It’s easily the most quotable movie second to Anchorman. 

HC: What is your go-to midnight snack?

AC: Salt and pepper pistachios from Trader Joes. That’s a lie. Grilled cheese with brie. Or a quesadilla. Just anything with cheese.

HC: Why did you choose USD to spend your four years of college?

AC: It’s just beautiful. I still get the same feeling walking around on campus as I did when I was 15. When you know, you know. 

HC: What is the best class you've ever taken at USD?

AC: Public Policy with Dr. Ehrich, she is the best!

HC: Do you have any weird habits?

AC: Haha. Anyone who has ever been to the library with me knows. I have this habit of rubbing my palms on the edges of my laptop…it’s sharp and like a hand massage.

HC: Lastly, any words of advice for fellow students at USD?

AC: If you love your friends, your family, anyone - just tell them. Sometimes people need a reminder that they are loved and other times you may not get the opportunity again…. But more importantly, if you order guac at Chipotle, ask for lettuce on top afterwards and most of the time the cashier forgets to charge you extra....

Thank you so much Ali!! You're marvelous, and we hope your boyfriend takes you up on your perfect date this fall!