Meet Artsy Picture Expert and Social Media Queen, Lucy Meske!

Year: Junior 

Major: Business Administration and Minoring in Marketing
HC: What are you involved with on campus?
LM: I am currently involved as VP-PR for Kappa Delta, as well as a writer for the Odyssey. I have been involved with Young Dreamer's United on campus where we work as a team to mentor middle schoolers, but was unable to make the sessions this semester. I would highly recommend the program though, especially if you love working with kids!
HC: Tell us more about your role in Kappa Delta as the VP of Public Relations.
LM: I do a variety of fun things. I manage all of our social media accounts, make promotional graphics, plan tabling events, and send monthly photo reports to our headquarters. I promote Kappa Delta events such as Shamrock N’ Roll, International Women’s Friendship Month, and the You Make Me Smile Campaign. I also get the fun role of working with our VP-Membership to collect videos and pictures of our sisters from each event as well as anytime we hang out just for fun!
HC: What's your favorite thing about USD? 
LM: My favorite thing about USD is definitely the campus itself. You can’t beat the weather, and the campus itself is gorgeous - from the fountains to the new Torero store! It’s always easier walking to class when you’re surrounded by so much beauty, especially heading towards Olin Hall when the sun is setting.
HC: Where is your go-to brunch place on the weekends?
LM: I always love trying new brunch places, so this is a tough one, but one of the places that stands out to me is Fig Tree Café in Hillcrest!
HC: What are you looking forward to as of today?
LM: This weekend I’m going to Disneyland with my sorority family, and since one of my littles interns there we get to go for free!
HC: What show on Netflix could you binge-watch forever? 
LM: That’s a tough one. I’d have to say either 30 Rock or Parks and Rec.
HC: Instagram or Snapchat? 
LM: Instagram! I’m obsessed.
HC: Tell us a fact about yourself that nobody knows. 
LM: Most people don’t know that I was adopted from China when I was a baby! I’ve never been back to visit, but I plan to go someday!
Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Lucy!