The Man, the legend, our Campus Celebrity: Professor Williamson!

This week’s Her Campus celebrity is one heck of a cool-cat. He’s tall, has a brilliant mind, and knows “what’s up”. Walking around campus, you may have had the pleasure of running into him. However, if you haven’t, here he is, Professor Williamson!

Name: Larry Williamson

Courses: Persuasion and Propaganda; Rhetorical Theory; Communication Criticism; Theories of Communication; Advanced Public Speaking

Hometown: San Diego

Fun fact: I introduced the "tequila boiler maker" to Purdue University

Her Campus (HC): How did you become a professor? 

Larry Williamson (LW): I decided that I liked college so much that I became a professional student (AKA, a professor)

HC: What brought you to USD? Was it the weather?

LW: San Diego is my home town, and the weather in the mid-west sucks!

HC: What is your favorite part about teaching at USD? 

LW: The small community feel and the Ferraris in front of the Business School.

HC: Do you have a "go-to" spot on campus?

LW: My go-to spot: Aromas for coffee with Jack Crumley--a real philosopher BTW  

HC: Now, lets get to learn a little more about the kind of person you are! What types of food do you like? 

LW: Anything wrapped in a hand made floor tortilla; anything!

HC: If you had to pick the best place to eat in San Diego, what would that place be? 

LW: The La Mesa Bistro.

HC: Are you a pet person? 

LW: Yes. Three dogs and three chickens.

HC: Our readers also want to know a little more about your take on teaching and college. First question, how would you describe your teaching method?

LW: Inthralled schizophrenia. Quasi-experiential free-associational lecture.

HC: If you could sum up your college years in three words, what would those words be? 

LW: Hedonism, haze, enlightenment 

HC: What advice would you give someone currently in college? 

LW: Challenge yourself while following your passion. Trash your cherished cliches--especially the ones that others impose on you.  

HC: Finish this sentence: The best student, in my eyes, would…. 

LW: Be just like Vanessa Hernandez. [He really said this. What a gem]

Well, there you have it! Thank you Professor Williamson for not only being your fantastic self, but also for being this week’s campus celebrity! Don’t forget to remember Professor Williamson when you’re choosing a class for the Spring. Whether you’re a Communication Studies major or not, a class taught by Professor Williamson is a class you’ll truly enjoy!