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Five Reasons Why Sophomore Year is Better than Freshman Year!

Between freshman and sophomore year, a lot has changed. As the end of my sophomore year at USD comes to a close, I like to look back at how much better college has gotten since last year. Below are five reasons why.

1. You Know where Everything Is!

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One of the simplest reasons why sophomore year is so much better than freshman year is because you know where everything is on campus! On the first day of class, you don’t have to stress so much about how long it will take you to find it, or if you even know where it is.

2. Registering for Classes Is Much Less Stressful

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As a sophomore, you are guaranteed to have significantly more units than you did as a freshman. This guarantees an earlier registration time, and less stress in finding classes. Especially if you took classes over the summer between freshman and sophomore year.

3. You Can Finally Start Taking More Classes in Your Major

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Another perk of having more units is the fact that you can start taking more classes that actually have to do with your major. If you are lucky enough to hit the 60 unit mark, you can begin taking upper division courses, which really show you what your major is about.

4. Having a Car Changes Everything

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I didn’t get to bring my car as a freshman, like many of my peers. Bringing a car makes college so much better! You no longer have to depend on friends to take you anywhere, or take an Uber to Target or the beach.

5. You’re Not a Freshman

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The best part of being a sophomore, is that you are not a freshman! Though you may not know everything there is to know about your school, you are no longer the new guy on campus. Plus, you aren’t that close to actually having to start your career yet. So sophomore year is pretty great overall.

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