Campus Celebrity: Bradynn Wadsworth

This week's campus celebrity is a very versitlie and ambitious girl. She has a heart of gold and is probably one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Watch out world!!

HC:  So tell us a little about yourself, just some basic background information.

BW:  I am currently in my Junior year at USD, studying as a Pre Med student and a Visual Arts major. I was born and raised in Utah, in a city called Draper, about 25 minutes south of Salt Lake City. I'm one of five girls, the tom girl of the group! My friends know me as a country girl. I love hunting, specifically archery. Dirt biking, camping, boating, skiing, boarding, snowmobiling, water skiing, wake boarding you name it - growing up in Utah requires you to do it all!! I love to take photos, and draw. I'm best friends with my mumma, she raised me by herself and as an only child so I owe a lot to her for getting me here!! 

HC: Why did you pick USD?

BW: I wanted a university where the classes would be of a smaller size and I could get to know my teachers. I went to a school with a graduating class of 45! So, I wasn't looking for big auditorium classes, I wanted to know people on campus, I think that's what makes college! Not to mention the San Diego weather.

HC: What are you involved in at USD?

BW: I recently got accepted to be a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, which has been so resourceful for meeting peers in my classes. I am also a current member in Alpha Phi, positioned as the Historian! And I'm a member of the water ski team, which everyone should go out and try at least once in their four years.

HC: What is your favorite thing about USD?

BW: One would have to be the professors, I've grown pretty close to quite a few of mine. Also - Aroma's crepes, done by Anthony the crepe guy of course. Torero Way sunsets, Copley's open 24 hours for finals rule, Alcala Bazaar, Bob the Maher security guard, the Wednesday Juice on Tap stand, and probably Mickey's famous "sexy sauce" pasta in the SLP (red and white, ask for it- it's the best). So, basically the food.

HC: What is your plan to survive finals?

BW: Some good music, getting good sleep, and office hours. Oh, and of course a Yerba Mate a day, keeps the stress away, haha. Also helps me to switch study locations every day, and a couple of jumping jacks every few hours, seriously.

HC: What is your favorite thing about San Diego in general?

BW: The first thing I noticed, was the people. Everyone here is so happy, and friendly! It doesn't matter where you are, on campus, at the beach, or even in the grocery store- people are genuinely nice to each other! I'd say that comes from living in as beautiful of a place as we do. With this weather every day, it's hard to have a bad day. San Diego is full of good vibes, I'd argue that it's a pretty great city to get your undergrad in.

HC: Where is your favorite place to eat in San Diego?

BW: Pappalecco, or Juice Crafters in Little Italy! Lefty's pizza, in Mission Hills. Or Night and Day diner, in Coronado. I eat a ton of food if you haven't noticed.

HC: What is your relationship status?

BW: Single but pretty exclusive with Organic Chemistry, at the moment. 

HC: What do you do in your free time?

BW: I love hanging out with my friends in my free time! I'm in San Diego without a car, so if I get lucky, it's a day at the beach or in the bay, on a boat. Back at home, if I have some free time, I'm most likely with my Grandpa, my best friend Natallie, or in the mountains.

HC: If you could give anyone your top piece of advice, what would it be?

BW: Wake up every morning, and think, "Good Vibes Only". Having positive thoughts, and projecting positive vibes, will give you a guaranteed better outcome to your day. What consumes your mind, controls your life. So, be positive. Focus. And then, nothing can stop you from getting where you want to go.

HC: What is your go-to outfit?

BW: In San Diego, some converse, shorts, and tank, except right now it's yoga pants and Ugg's obviously. In Salt Lake, probably a hoodie or flannel and shirt, jean shorts, and my muckin' boots.

HC: What is your favorite winter activity?

BW: Snowmobiling and skiing are tied!

HC: What is your ideal date?

BW: Greasy old fashioned diner food, and ice-skating. So random, but would be so fun.

Do you have a particular midnight snack you love?

BW: Toaster Struddels!! 

What is your career goal?

BW: Kind of extensive, but one day I dream of being a Humanitarian Doctor. Specifically, a surgeon. I want to go to Med School back in my home town, and graduate traveling the world to help anywhere I'm needed. We have so many amazing resources at our hands, just being able to go to school and take classes. In any profession really, communications, medicine, law, etc. We should put our brains and hearts together and give back to the people that don't have what we have. I truly believe that. When I picture myself in 20 years, I want to be back in Kolkata or Ghana, doing anything I can to help the amazing people around me, that drove me to pursue health care. Needless to say it's a big dream, but I think if you want anything bad enough - you can get it. A lot of people ask why I'm currently studying two polar opposite subjects, science and art. My art is for when I am able to travel for my job. I want to be able to capture/document the people I meet, and the places I go. And i don't think there's a better way besides photography and drawing!