The Best Places to Study On and Off Campus

Because Copley during finals week is pretty scary.
1. IPJ Garden of the Sea
This is my favorite study spot hands down. It’s so peaceful and quiet and the views of San Diego are simply incredible.
2. The SLP Rooftop
For the longest time, I didn’t even know that you could go up to the rooftop in the SLP. This place is especially beautiful in the late afternoon because you get panoramic views of campus as the sun is setting. 
3. The Fire Pits Outside of Frank’s Lounge
What better way to study than to enjoy a warm, San Diego evening next to a fire. Perfect for doing that assigned reading.
4. Bottom Floor of the UCs
It’s quiet, there’s AC and plenty of comfy couches. Sold.
5. Serra Hall Classrooms
If you really need to get down to studying, at night, Public Safety will unlock classrooms for students who want to use them. I’ve found that this is the best way study with a group. Having the white boards is especially helpful, but don’t forget to bring your own dry erase markers! 
1. Better Buzz Coffee 
Good coffee is a must when cramming for finals.
2. Balboa Park
If a bit of background noise doesn’t bother you too much, enjoy a study session surrounded by San Diego’s amazing culture.
3. Geisel Library
If you are most successful studying at the library, avoid the crowds in Copley and study at Geisel Library. Even though you’re still on a college campus, UCSD isn’t on the semester system so our finals weeks don’t overlap.
4. Brick and Bell Cafe
This place is super laid back and has great food. You can still study and get your Sunday brunch in.
5. The Beach
After all, we do live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Why not enjoy the beaches, even when we are majorly stressing.