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The Best and The Worst of the University of San Diego!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Diego chapter.

Before our first steps on campus, we all searched for a glimpse into what life at USD would really be like. Look no further! Below is an honest and comprehensive list of the best and the worst at the University of San Diego!

The Best:

The Campus

With colorful flowers blooming outside of every classroom, the smell of freshly cut grass greeting students nearly every morning, and beautifully kept buildings, USD is one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States.  From the hammocks outside of Maher Hall to the Garden of the Sea, there is a place for everyone to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at USD.  

The Location

Photo by Samantha Paul

USD just happens to be located in one of the most spectacular cities in the world – San Diego. Only a short drive to the beach, the city, or the mountains, San Diego has something for everyone.

The Professors

USD Professors really make an effort to get to know their students, and they truly care about their well-being. Though some professors are not spectacular, the majority of professors that you will encounter at USD will leave a positive impression on your experience and life.

The Food

(Actual food from La Gran) Photo by Samantha Paul

Though many students complain near the end of the year about the SLP, we cannot deny that the food is exceptionally better than most universities. With everything from freshly made pasta, to custom pho and handmade tacos, the SLP has a lot to offer. Beyond this, Aromas offers freshly brewed coffee and tea, while La Paloma serves breakfast all day and features a Mongolian noodle bar. But the gem of USD has to be La Gran Terraza, with unlimited prime rib served on Wednesdays, and undeniably delicious food every other day of the week. USD is delicious!

The Networking

With class sizes at USD rarely housing more than thirty students, networking is not too difficult. Plus, USD constantly holds career fairs and major fairs where students can meet with professionals who work in their field. USD is for sure a university that will lead to greater opportunities, if you choose to seek them out.

The Worst:

The Lack of Diversity

Every year, the Vista writes a front page article questioning why USD has such a daunting lack of diversity. This lack of diversity is no myth, and it does affect the overall experience. USD can have an unwelcoming atmosphere, which does lead to many students leaving. If USD became a more diverse and welcoming environment, it would be all the better.

The Cost

USD is expensive. And not just Free People expensive — we’re talking Hermes expensive. Though USD does offer financial aid, tuition seems to go up every single year for no apparent reason. The cost is definitely one of the worst parts about USD.

The Cliques

As a student who entered USD coming from a large public high school, USD felt sort of like high school part two. USD is a very cliquey place, and it can take a while for students to find where they are most comfortable.

The Social Life

Everything that you’ve read about USD is true – USD is the exact opposite of a party school. The only social events happening at USD revolve around Greek life, so if you are not a part of that, it can be difficult to find events to attend.  

The Overabundance of Wealth

USD is not nicknamed “The University of Spoiled Daughters” for no reason. From seeing about 150 BMW’s every day, to the use of Louis Vuitton bags instead of backpacks, it can be intimidating to walk around campus. But after a while, it just becomes a part of the campus culture.


Overall, I hope that this gives you a better understanding of the University of San Diego!



Hi! My name is Sam and I am a senior at UC San Diego! What I love most about San Diego are the beautiful sunsets, the carefree atmosphere, and of course, the beach! I am double majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science with the hope of pursuing a career in marketing! I joined the HerCampus team because I have a passion for writing and I want to share my ideas! Thank you! Email: slpaul@ucsd.edu Instagram: @sammipaul