5 Spring Break Essentials

Here are 5 essentials for this spring break—whether you are staying in San Diego and spending your time at the beach, or heading somewhere even warmer!

1.     A cute swimsuit and cover up

A cute bathing suit is essential for spring break trips to warmer weather. Victoria’s Secret has so many cute and affordable suits and cover-up’s.

2.     Sunnies

You can never go wrong with a great pair of sunglasses—you can splurge on a nice pair, or buy a cheap pair that you can swim in and won’t mind getting dirty.

3.     Sunscreen

We all love to get a nice glow from the sun, but there is a healthy way to get tan. Maui Babe is a sunblock with 30 SPF and tanning lotion as well—the perfect combo!

4.     Staying hydrated—fashionably

Bring a cute water bottle to the beach with you to help stay hydrated!

5.     A playlist

Having a perfect spring break playlist is essential to your days at the beach or by the pool. Spotify has playlists already created—one of my favorites is Spring Break Party Anthem, or you can create your own. Either way, make sure to add all of your favorite songs and include some great throwbacks.