Logan Mehringer '12 and Jerrett Zoch '13

Okay, I was really excited to interview the OSR Band because they’re really good friends of mine. I contacted my friend from high school Logan, the bass player, and he immediately invited me over to begin the interview. We are both student teaching this semester, so naturally, we got a little distracted talking about our experience impacting the lives of young Americans, or something like that. As the lead singer Jerrett arrived, the guys were running late for one of their friends’ performances at Humphrey’s. They persuaded me to let them go by saying that their interview would be more interesting after a few beers, so off they went to Humps. We met up again later that night and they both played their guitars as I asked them a few questions.
OSR (which stands for Old San Antonio Road) Band started a few years back. Jerrett Zoch began playing guitar with his buddy from high school, Daniel Huggins, and the two decided to start looking around for a drummer. They met drummer Berny Herrera at a party, and the rest is history. When Logan Mehringer transferred to Sam in the fall of 2010, he was quickly introduced to the band through mutual friends. Playing a little guitar himself, he soon became OSR’s new addition.
The band is classified as Texas Country, but they like to experiment with other genres, such as rock.
“In shows we like to reach out to a variety of crowds,” Logan said as he was telling me about their cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries.
As we sat around and chatted a little more, slowly but surely getting off-task from the interview, Jerrett began playing one of their new songs, “Red Roses,” which I haven’t heard before. I asked him about the inspiration for writing this song. Coming from a musical family, he said it all started when he was playing his guitar at his family’s Thanksgiving.
“Out of nowhere, I began playing this tune. Then my uncle pitched in, singing just the two words ‘red roses.’ After that, I just took the words and turned it into a full song.”

I asked Jerrett if music was in his future.
“I would love to play music for the rest of my life,” he said, “But, I have a back-up plan.” He said he decided to major in business because a lot of opportunities could come with that degree.
Though we don’t know exactly where the band is headed, I can tell you that while they’re in Huntsville, they’re definitely worth watching. Putting variety in their shows, they have something to offer any music listener. Keep updated with any upcoming shows at Fatboys!
You can check out “Red Roses” and other songs on YouTube or: