Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Finding a Significant Other in College

Many have heard at least one person say “oh, I met my spouse in college” or have the dreaded “when are you bringing home a boyfriend/girlfriend” question asked at family gatherings. In the age of Tinder, there is a constant pressure to find a significant other (SO), whether that’s from friends in relationships or family members. We often fear that if we don’t find someone now, we won’t find anyone at all. Here are three reasons why you should not feel pressured to find your soul mate in college:

1. College is stressful

And so is having a significant other. Schedules will overlap and you will sometimes feel like you never see each other. I am not saying that college relationships don’t work, because they often do. However, sometimes you need to take time and think about yourself and your own responsibilities.

2. You should take time for self-care.

You need to love yourself before you love someone else.” It may be a cliché, but it’s true. Speaking as someone who got out of a relationship right before the start of college, there is a period you need to take to recover. You shouldn't feel the need to jump from one relationship to the next; it will often lead to catastrophe.

3. This is the prime of your life

You shouldn't only worry about finding the love of your life. College is the time to find out what you want to do with your life, not worry about someone else’s. Join clubs, study for classes, find internships, study abroad, meet new people, create new experiences. A boyfriend or girlfriend is not necessary to do these things. If finding an SO isn’t your sole purpose, you might casually find someone along the way.