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Why Living Off Campus Is The Better Option…Period

Let me start by saying this, I was blessed my freshman year to be placed in one of the LLCs (Living-Learning Communities) in the quad. Nanticoke, Pocomoke, Wicomico, and Manokin are less populated, and cleaner than the high rises on campus. Although I was living the lavish lifestyle in Pocomoke, I had roommate problems (like most students).

Now, into my third year of school, I am finally living in Seagull Square, which is every freshman’s dream. You get your own room with a full size bed, a washer and dryer, a full kitchen and a living room.

I (my parents) pay $4185 a semester for my apartment, which puts me at $8370 a year.

Here’s the kicker, Seagull Square apartments are small. When all of my roommates are in the common area, it feels like there’s a lot going on.

The kitchen is a plus, because finding somewhere to cook in the freshman dorms was a trip, but why is the oven so small? It’s almost like an “Easy Bake Oven.”

The walls in Seagull Square are also super thin. I live on the third floor and can hear the conversations of people walking outside. It’s very inconvenient when trying to go to sleep or when you just want some alone time.

Let me get to my point, Seagull Square costs a lot of money for it to have that many flaws, any flaws at all. University Orchard offers 4×4 bedrooms, a large kitchen with an island, washer dryer, and patio space, all completed with nice finishes for about  $8580 a year. Comparatively, University Park’s rent for a 4×4 is $8160 a year.

Choose wisely guys, live off campus and enjoy their amenities like the pool and clubhouse. There’s transportation to and from as well.

Do the research for yourself, but mostly….

I am a junior majoring in Human Communications, minoring in Market Management.
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