What My Winter Class Taught Me

This year while everyone was exploring the worlds from sunny tropics to snowy mountain tops during their winter break, I was in a classroom. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be and it taught me a lot about myself.

Now here’s a little bit of background so that the rest makes sense: I had taken a semester off the year before and was pressed to make up for that time to graduate when everyone else was. Now keeping that in mind you’ll understand why I decided to take an anatomy class for 5 hours everyday for 5 weeks.

I was also trying to raise my GPA at this time, so there were many comments about how this was not the class I should’ve been taking. But despite all that I came out with a B in the class and with a lot more confidence about how I learn best and organize my life.


I had the whole month to focus on one class and resetting my life. I found out that meal prepping is the best way for me to eat healthy food everyday and not be tempted to eat out, so I felt better physically and financially. I also learned that I study best in small study groups or by myself with a really good playlist in the background.

I made friends that I see in class everyday now and will probably see in future classes since we’re all science majors.  Another thing I realized was that sleep was essential and sometimes it’s okay to take things slow. But what surprised me the most was that I enjoyed learning again.


The past few semester I was just going through the motions of going to class and taking exams but the entire time I was wondering if this was the right school for me or if I should even be in school. But this winter has opened so many doors by having me realize what works best for me. If I were to do it all over again I most definitely would.

I also recommend others to take a winter class as a reset button and if it doesn't work out for you then at least you got a class out of the way. I’m up in the air about summer classes because I’ve taken them before but they never benefited me like this winter class. I guess the beach is just better than learning economics.