We Made A Wall of Inspiration: Here's Why

I was reading over some of the articles on Her Campus Salisbury dating back to the last couple months and Irene Senaya’s article ‘3 Reasons Why Vision Boards Are the Way to Go’ stuck to me.


Instead of cutting up magazines, my roommates place meaningful, and humorous, quotes on our dining room wall.


Most of the post-it notes consist of funny things me and my roommates have either said to each other, or to other people, but some are even Tinder bios. For example, one quote says, “I’m just going to let it kill me if it kills me.”

As mentioned in Irene’s article, it did bring me even closer to my roommates, but it also relieved a lot of stress we’ve been building up throughout the semester. 


The majority of the stress I have during the semester is in relation to how I fit into my major, and if I’m making the right decisions for myself. By sharing some positive words with two of my favorite people, I clear my head and reinforce the idea that I am an essential part of this campus and I ultimately matter.


With that being said, the semester is almost coming to a close. To inspire yourself and/or your roommates you can either create a vision board or just a wall of inspiring quotes.


Either way, keep yourself looking forward to the end of the semester, and STAY POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE.


Checkout Irene’s article and her other works. Let us know if you tried a vision board, or if you have something similar to it, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.