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WayBack Burger Is The Way To Go: The Best Burger Spot In Salisbury!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

Now, I may not have written this in my short biography, but anyone who knows me knows I love love loveee a good burger! Double cheeseburgers with extra bacon are definitely at the top of my list but honestly, any burger will do.

One might call me a burger-fanatic but that’s a story for another day. Just last year, WayBack Burger was brought to the city of Salisbury and right next door to Salisbury University’s campus. Initially, I was apprehensive to go try it out because they took the place of the chicken wing spot I loved so much (which I later found learned had only relocated a few doors down).

When I finally decided to go, a few months after their opening, I realized what a disservice I had been doing myself, my stomach and my wallet because their prices will make any college student’s heart smile and their burger quality and portion size is undefeated. You leave WayBackBurger feeling full and happy—and who doesn’t love being full and happy—with some leftover change to spare.

Aside from their great service, WayBack Burger’s adorable retro restaurant decor makes this burger palace so warm and inviting. They have a wide selection of burgers (…duh) and sandwiches—fish, chicken, turkey and veggie. But wait! It doesn’t even stop there, they also have some awesome milkshakes and sides. To top it all off, their fountain drinks come with free refills…now that’s love.

Side-note: They even have a Triple-Triple Burger that comes with nine 100% beef burger patties, that I may or may not be trying in the future… but I will keep you posted.

Because of WayBack Burger, I no longer have to go through burger withdrawals since ShakeShack apparently isn’t a thing here on the Eastern Shore, and for that, I am grateful. At this point, all I can say is go try it for yourself! You could tell them Irene sent you. Maybe they’ll name a burger after me…one can only hope.

Irene Senaya

Salisbury '20

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Jeremie Davis

Salisbury '18

Jeremie Davis is an ambitious eighteen year old who has plans to change the world. While writing for her high school newspaper, she discovered her passion for writing, in which she contributed numerous works to the award winning newspaper. Jeremie also has a strong passion for Theater. She has been acting since she was ten years old. Jeremie is currently attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is majoring in Early Child Education with a minor in Theater and Journalism. Along with writing for Her Campus, Jeremie is apart of Tiger TV, a newly produced student-run news show, located on Morehouse College's campus. After two years Jeremie plans to go to Yale School of the Dramatic Arts where she will earn her Doctorate’s Degree in Fine Arts. In her spare time, Jeremie enjoys watching Netflix, belting out show-tunes, biking, and hanging with family and friends. Her ultimate goal in life is to become either a successful actress or a news correspondent in the entertainment world. She lives by the motto “If you work hard, you get to play hard.”