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The Top Three Reasons Why Winters in Salisbury Suck

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

I took Anatomy and Physiology during winter break here at Salisbury University from January 3 to January 24. I loved taking the class because I met some amazing people and it restored my confidence in my educational career, but I need to talk about how horrible winters are in Salisbury.


1. I don’t think anyone in the entire city of Salisbury knows anything about snow plows, nor planning for snow. Our first day of class was Wednesday, the school knew there was a huge snow storm coming for us, and classes were already canceled. You’d think Salisbury would be on top of it and start salting roads and taking preemptive measures, right? Wrong. Not only did they barely salt the roads (if they did at all), but they let the snow pile up before they started plowing. They didn’t start plowing the parking lot outside my window until the next morning and I heard they didn’t plow other student housing at all.



2. Okay, so they finally started plowing and I got the sense that I could finally leave my apartment because my friend came to visit, got snowed in with me, and he wanted Cook Out. Fine, whatever, I’d do anything for him and he goes to school in Colorado, so I might as well treat him to the $5 tray. I can’t emphasize enough how unprepared we were for the three minute journey it usually takes to drag out to about an hour. First, we had to shovel my truck out from snow that was halfway up my legs. After that, we had to find a reasonable exit to the parking lot because snow was plowed in front of it and blocked it off. And here’s the best part…. we got stuck in the snow… three times.  If I got stuck three times in my 4WD truck, I couldn’t imagine what these smaller cars were going through. Thankfully, we had some help two out of the three times but at one point, my friend ran back to campus to grab a shovel to try and dig us out and I tore up my floor mats because Pinterest said it would help give me traction on ice.


3. I guess this is the last, and least rant-y reason to dislike Salisbury in Winter, but oh well. All the snow and the lack of preparation caused class to be canceled for two days after the first day. And we had an exam the Monday we came back. In any regular course, it wouldn’t be that bad, but missing two days in a winter course, which is five hours a day for four days out of the week (only 2.5 on the fifth day) was like missing two weeks instead of two days. I didn’t do as well on the first exam because of that but we can talk about that another day.


I'm a student at Salisbury University studying to major in Medical Laboratory with hopes of going into the Forensic field. I love my Puggle named Bruno and am blessed to have a great group of friends.
Nadia Williams is a senior studying Political Science, Communications and French at Salisbury University. She enjoys writing about policy, media and culture. She hopes to use journalism as a tool to empower others to play an active role in their communities.