Shows to Watch Out For: Light as a Feather

Hulu has really hit it out the park with this one.

With Halloween right around the corner, Hulu has taken the fright into their own hands with a new original show Light as a Feather.

We all know that childhood game that people played that was clearly a joke, in this show that is not the case. Four best friends: Olivia, Alex, McKenna, and Candace, who are out on Halloween as a tradition; celebrating in a graveyard, decide to play a game with a newcomer named Violet that they let into the group.

While playing the game Violet predicts how they will all die, as one of the friends die. Everyone starts to question if Violet is the culprit for all that is happening to them, but no one can piece it together.


Even with things happening to Violet on their own, the girls try to figure out why she is at their school and what her “evil plan” is. So far, I am on episode five and I am enjoying this supernatural mystery show.

Light as a Feather even has some twisted romance. I am excited to see that Hulu has gotten into Halloween the right way.

This show is completely wild; this is the type of show that makes you want to talk to the television and tell the characters all that they are doing wrong and how they can expose Violet the right way.

Honestly, my ratings for Light as a Feather is a 9/10.