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Salisbury University’s NAACP Gets Jiggy For Change

Salisbury University’s NAACP organization held numerous events in honor of their NAACP Week, “No Time Like Our Time.” The weekly event was hosted in honor to show the culture of 90’s babies childhoods and how growing up influenced them to become the leaders that they have become.

One of the events that the organization held was “Getting Jiggy For Change” in which students donated change to the Life Crisis Center to help women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. The fundraiser was sponsored by Chipotle, in which students who donated $3 or more received a meal, and Salisbury Housing.

During the event, students and faculty members participated by sharing many talents such as singing, reciting poetry, and dancing. Prizes were also given out to participants such as T-shirts, sunglasses, mini foam footballs, Chic- Fil-A, Jimmy John, and Subway gift cards, and ink pens.

NAACP president Dominic Williams shared that they did not have a specific goal for the night, however Williams was optimistic with what the student body could give.

“We did not have a goal set,” Williams shared. “We were just happy because all donations matter and anything counts.”

What many people do not know is that their contribution can make a big impact. With a donation  of $50 itself , it can help a child who has been abused attend an hour of counseling. 

Exercise science major Jasmin Cooper was in attendance for the event as well. Cooper shared that besides eating the Chipotle she enjoyed the performances.

“My favorite part was people performing,” Cooper said. “It was nice seeing the different variations of talent among the student body.”

For more information about the Life Crisis Center please visit www.lifecrisiscenter.org

Stephanie Chisley is an outgoing go-getter. Originally, Stephanie is from Oxon Hill, MD. She is currently a student at Salisbury University where she is studying Communication Arts with a track in journalism and public relations and a minor in Theater. While attending Salisbury University, Stephanie currently holds an executive board position as the secretary for Salisbury's Society of Professional Journalists . Stephanie plans on becoming an anchor for E! News or a writer, radio host, and announcer for BuzzFeed. In her free time, Stephanie is always on her phone scanning through social media, communicating with her friends, and finding new places to eat near her area.
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