Rihanna Takes A Stand

As if you haven’t heard already, multi award-winning songstress Rihanna has made the executive decision to decline performing for the upcoming 2019 Super-Bowl half time show.

According to the Today show, CBS as well as the NFL contacted Rihanna in hopes of getting her to perform during the half-time show. In fact, Rihanna was set to be a front-runner during next year’s Super Bowl.

However, after taking time out to make a decision, she decided to decline the offer in order to stand with Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player who decided to take a knee in 2016 during the National Anthem in solidarity of the many African Americans affected by police brutality.

However, Rihanna isn’t the only one pulling out of next year’s half-time show. In fact, according to a source involved in the decision-making process says both singer PINK and Rihanna were contacted earlier in the year about performing during the half-time show but declined after a seemingly long negotiation process.

Furthermore, longtime comedian Amy Schumer has also recently declined to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial. In fact, she questioned why more Caucasian people aren't taking the knee after witnessing the demise of many African Americans in this country.

She said, “I personally told my reps I wouldn't do a Super-Bowl commercial this year. Hitting the NFL with the advertisers is the only way to really hurt them.”

Hopefully, the NFL and CBS will better understand the importance of tackling the racial realities in America.