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Must Watch on Netflix: “He Even Has Your Eyes”

We all know how vast Netflix is with its seemingly never-ending choices for something to watch. Every category and sub-category we could think of exists. There are even “secret” codes you can put in to Netflix to find something super specific.

A film on Netflix that I would highly recommend is Il a déjà tes yeux  or He Even Has Your Eyes. It is a wonderful French film about a French-African couple adopting a baby in modern day France. The catch is their little boy Benjamin, happens to be white.


The couple, Paul and Sali, have unknown fertility issues that have caused them to have given up on having children, when they get a call from the agency that there is a baby for them to adopt. Despite the striking differences between them and their son they immediately accept to take Benjamin and raise him. From the get go, Sali and Paul face issues with their family as well as with every day encounters with strangers.

Sali’s parents are from Senegal and are very traditional in their beliefs and in their cultural identity. When Sali’s mother sees Benjamin for the first time her response is “What is that?” not knowing that he was white. Her parents lack of acceptance continues until later in the film. Multiple times throughout the film, Sali must reassert that she is the mother of Benjamin. While at the doctor’s office for his visit the doctor asked where the mother is. When Sali responded “it’s an adoption” the doctor’s response was “Yes, but the mother?” This type of interaction happens again in the park when a nanny asked Sali if she wanted any more kids to watch, and laughed when Sali said he was hers.

This comedy is remarkable at addressing serious topics like race, culture, and identity, while keeping a light tone. It allows viewers a new take on this type of narrative and redefines what it means to be family.

The film is currently on Netflix with English subtitles available. 

Kaitlyn Briselli

Salisbury '19

Kaitlyn is a 2019 graduate from Salisbury University. She received three Bachelor's degrees for Media Production, Linguistics, and Communications. She additonally double-minored in History as well as Gender and Sexuality Studies. As a writer she prefers to challenge herself with pieces that are painful and brutually honest, to herself and to others. She was recently accepted to the Maryland Institute College of Art in their Master's Filmmaking program. As an adult she would like to direct horror films.  She/Her/Hers 
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