Men & Mixed Messages

Queens, men (boys) are confusing.

Kings, please understand this is not to slander you, but just to better understand you. We are in college; no one has time for added confusion when they are already deep in their major, cannot remember what day it is, the last time we washed our hair, or that we have an assignment due.

You having mixed feelings is not helping us, and none of us have time for it. To help you save time, I suggest following one very simple rule, be honest about how you feel, and tell the truth. It really isn’t that hard, giving a female the run-around is not fun for anyone.

You got us over here talking to our friends having us thinking that we are crazy and whole time, it is you. If you are not ready to pursue someone, then stay away. If you like them, tell them. If you are not feeling them anymore, tell them. If you just want a sexual relationship, let it be known.

I promise, we respect you more if you keep it a buck fifty (honest). But if you like someone and you are actually interested in them, do not be scared. Get to know them and move on from there; it is not hard. Communication is key. How do you tell someone how to get to a party, complete a math problem, drive? You do it by communicating the directions in an effective manner. In relationships, it’s the same thing.

Looking dumb is not cute for anyone and honestly, it makes you look like a ass because you could not do the mature thing in the first place.

Kings, do better please.