Lessons from The Notebook

Growing up, while many of my middle school friends were reading the Harry Potter series I had my mom order Nicholas Sparks books for me because I had a borderline unhealthy obsession with romance fiction novels. Since I was young, I’ve had a very active mind and I would always imagine myself in some kind of new love scenario with my middle school crush.


My daydreams always followed the same themes of the Sparks novels I read. When I finally got the chance to watch The Notebook, I was still pretty young and naive. With it being one of my favorite movies that I have watched more times than I would like to admit, the older I got, the more I noticed and learned more lessons than I had since the first time I watched the film.


While Allie and Noah’s 1940s love affair weren’t exactly relationship goals for an African American woman as myself because life for me during this time would’ve been very very different, I learned a couple things from their relationship that I try to remember as I step into the dating world.Source

Firstly, the importance of taking chances with people you wouldn’t normally see yourself with. Allie, a wealthy southern belle, and Noah, a poor working class laborer, came from two very different backgrounds. If you’ve watched the movie, you would know that they faced many adversities to be with each other however, what became of it was a very beautiful love that lasted until the very end. Often times, we forget it's not about what material things someone can offer you, it's about the happiness they bring into your life regardless of anything else.


Secondly, take advantage of the small moments in life when you get to spend it with someone you love. Whether it's running errands together or binge-watching movies like The Notebook, keep in mind that it's the little things that matter the most. Some of the best memories don’t involve elaborate planning or large amounts of money spent.


Lastly, if it's meant to be, it will always find its way back to you. Yes this is totally cliche, but it’s very true and applies to more than just your love life. If you ever find yourself in a position where you lose something or someone you love, remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and if it’s really meant for you then it will find some way back to you, even at the most unexpected time.