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Leaked Progress as Cameroon waits for Presidential Election Results


As Cameroon waited impatiently for the results of the presidential election, results were leaked displaying Paul Biya the winner with a landslide victory.


In a Facebook post, Cameroon’s main opposition candidate, Maurice Kamto, rejected the leaked results and declared it false.


“In reaction to this falsified victory, CRM and its coalition of political parties and other organizations supporting the candidacy of Maurice Kamto have categorically rejected these falsified results, Kamto said.


“These fake figures are originating from fabricated result…of some fake observers who claimed to be of Transparency International, but were later on unmasked, as they were trying to convince the national and international public to accept.”


The Kamto coalition continues to insist on the victory of Maurice Kamto in relation to the original results of the polls at the end of the Election Day.


The National Voting Commission, responsible for counting the votes of Cameroonians, submitted its report to the Constitutional Council on Oct. 15.


The paper, which was reportedly leaked on social media, showed Paul Biya with over 71 percent of the vote and Manto with 14 percent.


The Constitutional Council had until Oct. 22 to announce the final results of the much anticipated presidential election.


As Paul Biya has been president for over 30 years, he is expected to win again. This is a very likely result that many Anglophone Cameroonians hoped did not come true.


They believe that in order for change to come, President Paul Biya must go.


Update: To the dismay of many Anglophone Cameroonians, Paul Biya has been named winner of the 2018 Presidential Election.


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