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Kanye (and Chance) are Cancelled

If you’ve been keeping up with celebrity news, you know that Kanye West recently returned to Twitter.


As most people pointed out, Kanye West really only takes to social media when he’s selling something. Whether it’s the new season of Yeezys or new music.


If you didn’t hear about or see Kanye bug out on April 25, 2018, here’s an update.


At 12:30 p.m., Kanye tweeted:



Next, Kanye posted multiple pictures of his ‘MAGA’ hat, as well as him wearing the hat.



He also stated he was, “all the way out of the sunken place,” which is obviously incorrect.


*”Sunken Place” is a reference to award winning motion picture Get Out.


Let’s break this down, Kanye is basically just saying he’s friends with Trump. Obviously, we aren’t going to completely bash our friends, right?


But hopefully, we aren’t becoming/remaining friends with overly problematic people.


So, of course 9.6 million Twitter users un-followed Kanye in a matter of seven to nine minutes.


This includes many celebs such as BTS, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber.


(But, by 10:00 p.m. his follower amount increased again to the 27 million range.)


Unfortunately, it did not end there.


Kim KW, and Chance the Rapper chimed in.


Kim, of course, was on Kanye’s side and pleaded with him to tweet until everyone understood his stance. She was unhelpful, but did mention his mental health and that “he’s actually out of the sunken place when he’s being himself which is very expressive”.



My response: Kim, do you fully understand what being in the “sunken place” means? I don’t think you do.


Chance the Rapper dug a hole for himself. He wasn’t asked to comment on the Kanye tweets, but he let his opinion fly anyway.



To end it all Trump and Trump Jr., quoted Kanye and Chance’s tweets, with all positives.


These tweets continue to prove rich people easily forget how damaging an opinion can truly be when it’s soaked in hate. Word to my girl Janelle Monáe.


Many hopes and prayers that this won’t go any farther than it has, but this is Kanye West we are talking about.



Many Twitter Users are claiming that many Trump supporters will use this to “prove” Trump isn’t racist. What do you think? How do you feel about the Kanye and Trump tweets? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Amalia Parran is a senior at Salisbury University. She is Co-Correspondant for Her Campus Salisbury. She loves to learn about other cultures, and how they differ from her own. Currently, she spends her free time watching anime and volunteering at the Wicomico Humane Society. After she graduates, she hopes to work for a marketing company in the DMV area.
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