How to Protect Losing Your Luscious Locks

Having your hair shed is a common occurrence with about 50-100 strands of hair fall a day. But sometimes it feels like there’s much more than that that’s being left on your brush. Maybe you’ve noticed your ponytail isn’t as thick as it normally is or you can see more of your scalp than usual. That might be a sign of hair loss and not just shedding.

There are many reasons that hair loss can happen ranging from using a new product that is harsh on your scalp to a hormonal imbalance due to a lot of anxiety. The main thing to remember is to stay calm and to treat it as soon as you spot it.

Hair loss from anxiety is probably the trickiest to spot since your hair won’t begin falling out until 3-6 months after a traumatic event and you may not even realize what caused it. If you notice your hair falling out after using a new product in your hair routine then that could be the cause of it.

Here are a few things you can do to help prevent future hair loss and stimulate hair growth:

  • Nourish your body from the inside out. Try including vitamins like Biotin and Zinc into your diet and eat clean. Small changes like drinking more water or having an extra serving of vegetables can make a positive difference.
  • Cut down on the products. Using 15 products on wash day may seem like the right thing to do but you could be damaging your hair with over manipulation and harsh products that strip your natural hair oils. Switch to natural products and find a few key products that work for you and your hair. 
  • Protect your hair. Keep your hair in protective and low manipulation styles like braids or buns to prevent extra damage. You should also switch to a satin pillowcase or hair scarf to keep your hair protected from tossing and turning throughout the night.
  • Avoid heat. This is a hard one if you’re used to reaching for a blow dryer or flat iron but resist the urge to over style your tresses and embrace your natural hair so it can grow healthy and strong. 
  • “Treat yo self.Give yourself a relaxing head massage to help stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to your scalp. You could do this on dry hair or in the shower while you’re shampooing. Bonus tip: Use oils or a hair mask and a scalp massager to really get the benefits from massaging as well as the treatment you apply.


If you notice an excessive amount of hair loss that’s either gradual or sudden, you may want to talk to your doctor to make sure there isn’t an underlying issue causing it.