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Here is What I Thought of Halloween (2018)

As we have long awaited for the new rendition of John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) loyal fans have heightened their expectations. With new merchandise being sold, trailers being aired, and the return of star Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween appears quite promising.


As a dedicated fan who has seen every remake of the Halloween franchise, my excitement grew as the premiere date of Oct. 19 approached. Opening weekend came around and I grab my movie ticket, my good friend, and a nice center-row seat.


From the beginning of the movie, I hope and pray for a better storyline for it is very slow and not engaging. More events take place and the movie picks up as bodies start to drop. After a few cheap twists and turns there is the big ending and then it is time to leave the theater.


After seeing this highly anticipated film I felt, above all, disappointed.


In my opinion, there was very little character development, very little storyline, and very little creativity. Every character was practically on the screen for two seconds before they were never shown again, or they got butchered.



This revolving door of characters left me feeling confused and a little frustrated. The entire storyline was about Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) revenge on Michael Myers upon his escape from prison, which we could tell from the trailers.


The movie focuses on very meek subplots which had very little relation to the main plot and left loose ends causing more questions than answers. It appeared that every death was a repeat of prior films in the franchise and there was no build up to most of them.


Every death in Halloween was very predictable and fast and even though this franchise is known to not show a lot of gore it felt more like a thriller without any plot.


Although I am disappointed in Halloween, I might be a little harder on it than the average movie-goer because of my loyalty to the movie. Remember that friend I mentioned before? She loved the movie because she had never heard of Halloween before.


Despite my experience, I am grateful that I was able to see it for myself. Conclusively, this article was only to share my opinion of the blockbuster movie Halloween (2018) and I encourage others to see it for themselves.


Kenya McLean is a junior and a marketing major at Salisbury University. She plans to graduate in the class of 2020 and loves helping out her campus community.
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