Democrats vs. Republicans: Political Polarization in America Today

The United States is in an era where political polarization is increasing, especially under the Trump administration. Political polarization occurs when a person’s stance on certain issues and policies are strictly determined by their political affiliation or ideology.

Since the beginning of American politics, there have been many disagreements and conflicts between opposing parties, but such disagreements lead to major changes in our nation.

In previous times, though many disagreements did occur, Democrats and Republicans always viewed each other as American citizens with a common goal of bettering the lives of the American people.

Today, those views are not so evident. Both political parties believe their own ideologies are correct and rarely listen to the other. They have converted from “we” to “us vs. them” which is an extremely closed-minded and divided point of view.

This fight for who is right and wrong between parties and ideologies distracts us from the fact that we are all Americans first.

Usually, constant friction due to conflict leads to creativity but that is not the case recently. The division between parties has created a lack of trust and productivity in the three branches of the government.

The division has been truly apparent over the last 11 years when Barack Obama was in office and now Donald Trump. During the Obama administration, Republicans were upset to the point where they refused to negotiate with the president in upcoming plans for the Country such as healthcare.

On the other hand, Democrats want nothing to do with Donald Trump and denounce him with every chance that they receive.

In order for the political climate to change for the better, parties will have to stop being closed-minded and listen to each other. Ideologies aside, they are all trying to make a better place for the people. When this change occurs, our government will be able to function more smoothly as each side is heard and respected.